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Bulletin SUSU. Series ЂLawї. 2012. є7, issue 29


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law

Babenko A. N.

Axiological and legal value of norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation as the basis for law enforcement activity

Gusak V. A.

Gusak V. A. Activity of the militia to seize weapons during the Great Patriotic War (1941Ц1945)

Kamalova G. T.

Subunits of All-Russian Extraordinary Commission, State Legal Directorate and Unified State Political Department in the system of public authorities

Petrov A. V.

On the functions of the police of the Urals and Western Siberia in the beginning of the 20th century: historical and legal aspect

Petrova E. A..

Features of systematization of American legislation

Solovev S. G.

Theoretical and legal synthesis of society and state in the period of antiquity

Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Vinitskiy L. V., Klassen M. A.

Evolution of the surrender in the criminal justice process

Voronin Y. A., Lalats V. V.

Establishment of mental element of crime in the process of incitement to suicide (section 110 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

Zuev S. V.

Ensuring the safety of Уprotected personsФ in the cases of crimes committed by the organized groups and criminal associations (criminal organizations)

Makarova Z. V.

Justice in criminal proceedings

Potapov V. D.

Preliminary examination in the review of final acts of the court in the context of the rule of res judicata

Sementsov V. A., Gladysheva O. V.

The essence and direction of judicial activity in pre-trial criminal proceedings

Sergeev A. B.

On the method of investigation of criminal activity on deprivation of rights to the management of legal bodies and their property

Problems and Questions on Civil Law

Badanina O. V. ¬.

Specificity of the subject matter of the contract of processing raw material (on the example of oil refined material contract

Problems and Questions on Constitutional and Administrative Law

Butov V. N.

Municipal entity property management: theory and practice

Vydrin I. V.

Problem issues of recognition of municipal regulatory legal acts which are invalid or inoperative

Golovko V. V., Slyshalov I. V.

Administrative and jurisdictional activity of State Automobile Inspectorate in terms of police reform legislation: problems and prospects

Grechkina O. V.

History of development of administrative judicature of custom authority of Russia: the 20th Century, pre-war period

Darovskih S. M.

On the problem of insignificance of administrative violation

Mayorov V. I.

The concept of Уtraffic safetyФ: theoretical foundations

Petrov A. Y., Dubrovin O. V.

Withdrawal of land plot as the sanction for violation of tax laws and land legislation

Solovey Y. P.

Bringing people to the police as a measure of public enforcement set by the Federal Law УOn PoliceФ

Solovev S. G., Makarova Z. V

On the question of money bribing of the voters in municipal elections