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The essence and direction of judicial activity in pre-trial criminal proceedings.


Sementsov Vladimir Alexandrovich

was born on January 10, 1954. In 1980 he graduated from Sverdlovsk Law Institute. In 1994 he defended a CandidateТs thesis УVideo and audio recording as a part of evidentiary work of an investigating officerФ, he defended a doctorate thesis УConceptual framework of the system of investigating actions in pre-trial procedureФ in 2006. Now he is a professor of the department of Criminal procedure of Kuban State University. He is the author of 150 publications. Research interests: theory and practice of law enforcement activities and investigative activities, the use of polygraph in the detection and investigation of crimes, problems of qualified legal assistance. E-mail:


Gladysheva Olga Vladimirovna

was born on January 30, 1967. In 1993 she graduated from the Faculty of Jurisprudence of Kuban State University. In 1998 she defended a CandidateТs dissertation УPreparation for criminal trial in criminal proceedingsФ. Now she is a Chairman of the department of Criminal Proceedings of Kuban State University. She is the author of 100 publications. Research interests: theory and practice of law enforcement activities, legitimateness and reasonableness of the system of criminal procedure, guarantee of individual rights, proof of criminal procedure, problems of providing competent legal assistance. E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


The point according to which the judicial control is typical for the judicial activity including trial cases is formulated, and it should be considered as one of its methods.


court, control, form of action, methods of judicial activity.

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