Editorial board
For Authors




1.  Editorial Board accepts for publication firstly publishing scientific articles, approved by the specialized chair of the SUSU. Every paper before publishing in the series has to be reviewed by the experts (example of the expert opinion attached). The expert opinion follows the paper.

2.  Information for publication has to be sent by the author in written and electronic form. All the files have to be named by the name of the author.

3.  Every paper will be reviewed by the expert with the corresponding scientific degree. The expert opinion includes analysis of the actuality and main theses of the paper and the conclusion about possibility of publication of this article.

4.  Non SUSU authors have to subscribe to the Bulletin for 6 month and pay a publication fee for 500 rubles per page (A4 format page).

5.  The full-time education graduates are exempted from payment.

6.  All the authors conclude a license agreements granting the right to use the paper on a nonexclusive basis (non-exclusive license). The filled license agreement follows the paper.

7.  All the materials have to be delivered to Valentina Sergeevna Chistova (postal address: 454080, Russia, Chelyabins, Kommuny street, 149, office 207; tel. +7 351 267 99 46; E-mail:


Requirements for manuscript


Microsoft Word document, maximum 12 pages, half interval font, Times New Roman font size 14, sides: left 30 mm, right 15 mm, top and bottom 25 mm, indent 0.7 mm. No double space, automatic hyphenation, only Ђfrenchї quotes, numeration of the pages Ц center bottom.

The title of the article has to be at the top of the page in capital letters. The name of the author and his occupation has to be on the following line.

The abstract of the article has to be after the next line. The abstract has to be:

Ц informative (not to contain common words);

Ц meaningful (to reflect the main content of articles and studies);

Ц structured (to follow the logic description of the results in the paper);

Ц compact (but not short, 8-10 lines).

The keywords (5-7 words for article identification) have to be on the next line.

References have to be in square brackets in the text of article, indicating the number of the source of bibliographic list and the page (or the article of law source). For example [2, p.17].

The Bibliographic list has to be at the end of the article in alphabetical order - according to GOST 7.1-2003 and GOST 7.0.5-2008.

After the bibliographic list there has to be the information about the author (name, science degree, occupation, scientific school and so on; also e-mail address and telephone number required).


Unfortunately, all the documents required for publishing are available only in Russian.