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Subunits of All-Russian Extraordinary Commission, State Legal Directorate and Unified State Political Department in the system of public authorities.


Kamalova Galina Timofeevna

was born on September 30, 1942. In 1964 she graduated from the Historical and Philological Faculty of Kurgan State Pedagogical Institute. In 2009 she defended a doctorate thesis “Law enforcement agencies of the Urals in the period of New Economic Policy”. She is the author of 94 publications. Research interests: history of native nationality and the development of different branches of law of Russia. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law


The article deals with the analysis of the role of state security authorities in the power mechanism. The author considers the relations between the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission and State Legal Directorate and the Party committeesin the central part and in the Urals. Special attention is paid to the priority position of structures of the Unified State Political Department in the Soviet law enforcement system.


punitive agencies, state security authorities.

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