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Bulletin SUSU. Series «Law». 2013. 3


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law

Zharov S. N.

Legal regulation of the actions of Boarder Guard in the Russian Empire in the end of XIX century

Lisitsyna E. A.

Problems of succession law in the first Decrees of the Soviet system (1918–1922)

Novikova Y. S.

Some problems of differentiation between legal condition and legal nature

Petrov A. V., Kudryavtseva A. V.

History of development of institution of appeal

Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Vidergold A. I.

To the legal nature of judgments of the European Court on Human Rights

Galiukova M. I.

Features of responsibility for causing personal injury in the criminal legislation of the European countries

Smirnov V. P., Kudryavtseva A. V.

A range and freedom of appeal as a common term for appeal proceedings in criminal process of Russia

Tarzimanov V. M.

Judicial control at the stage of initiation of a criminal case

Problems and Questions on Civil Law

Kubits G. V.

Features of professional linguistic personality of a lawyer at online study mode (based on Oratory course for the lawyers)

Osipov A. A.

Recognition of state and municipal authorities by the corporate entities of public law in civil-law relations

Podshivalov T. P.

Object of civil rights and legal regime: problem of definition

Filippova E. M.

General principle in law of social service: philosophic and theoretical aspect

Problems and Questions on Constitutional and Administrative Law

Burmistrova S. A.

Legal effect of public hearing in the sphere of urban planning

Kalina E. S.

Some features of an administrative process in protection of people and territories from emergency situations of natural and man-made character

Kireeva E. A.

Methodological issues of social and political determination of rules of law in modern Russia

Kireev V. V.

Problems and prospects for development of legal constitutional riskology

Koneva N. S.,

Serous A. V.

Democracy as constitutional value

Kuzmin A. G.

Judicial precedent as a part of a constitutionalism mechanism of legal reality 

Ostanina E. A.

Prohibition of abuse of right: problems and prospects

Petrov A. Y.

Right to good administration: traditions and modern times

Sagandykov M. S.

Constitutional aspects of jurisdiction separation between the Russian Federation and its constituent entities in the sphere of relations that are the subject of labour law

Sotnikova L. V.

Guarantees for exercising of the right to housing

Cheskidova S. A.

Stages for administrative tortious proceedings in cases of violation of the customs rules

Short reports

Borodin K. V.

Issues on legal regulation of security in the Internet

Borodin M. V.

Issues on legal regulation of electronic document management in terms of information society development

Lomakina E. V.

Contract under civil legislation of the Russian Federation as a regulator of social relations

Savin P. A.

Some aspects of application of psychological knowledge at investigation actions by the crime investigator

Suslova M. V.

Assignment of the institution of licensing of entrepreneurial activity