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General principle in law of social service: philosophic and theoretical aspect 


Filippova Elvira Maisovna

graduated from South Ural State University in 2000. Now she is an Associate Professor of the Department of Labour and Social Law of South Ural State University. She is the author of 26 publications. Research interests: social security law, principles of social security law. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Civil Law


The article considers theoretical basis for the notion of general principle in law of social service, philosophic aspect of this legal category. The author gives explanation to his vision of the notion of general principle in the law of social service. It is a constitutional principle of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, the essence of which is in the following: everyone, who loses his own source for living, having hard times, that is considered to be socially needy person, has a right to lay a claim to financial security in the form of payments, services, payment in kind and benefits in the amount above poverty line fixed on the territory of the region where this needy person lives by the state. By the results of survey 90% of respondents consider that launching amount of money should be twice as high as poverty line.


principles, socially needy person, generality, general principle, orientation to decent standards of life.

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