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Methodological issues of social and political determination of rules of law in modern Russia


Kireeva Elena Anatolievna

was born on October 21, 1972. In 1995 she graduated from Chelyabinsk State University. In 2000 she defended her Candidate’s thesis “Social political aspects of the use of legal provisions”. Now she is a Head of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines of the Faculty of Law and Finance of South Ural State University. She is the author of 37 publications. Research interests: problems of law enforcement in modern Russia. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Constitutional and Administrative Law


The article characterizes methodological approach to the analysis of determination process of law enforcement in terms of unity, integrity of actions and interdependence of external and internal determinants; the author proves model of cautionary enforcement, which makes it possible to consider negative effect on law enforcement official at pre-action and initial stages of his activity, to develop additional criteria of professional selection in position replacement, to provide programs for psychological enforcement training exercises and reveal quasi-corrupt factors of enforcement.


enforcement methodology, factors determining enforcement, model of cautionary enforcement.

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