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Stages for administrative tortious proceedings in cases of violation of the customs rules


Cheskidova Svetlana Anatolievna

was born on December 17, 1980. In 2004 she graduated from South Ural state University. Now she is a degree-seeking student of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. She is the author of 4 publications. Research interests: administrative jurisdiction of the customs of the Russian Federation. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Constitutional and Administrative Law


On the basis of analysis of various points of view of administrative specialists the author comes to the conclusion of the fact that there are four stages for administrative tortious proceedings. Proceedings in cases of violation of the customs rules is a type of proceedings in cases of administrative offences, regulated by the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative offences and has a classic structure of administrative and tortious proceedings. As a result the author points out basic and additional stages for administrative and tortious proceedings in cases of violation of the customs rules.


administrative tortious proceedings, violation of the customs rules, administrative offences.

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