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Bulletin SUSU. Series «Law». 2013. 2


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law

Babenko N. A.

Development of academic views on the correlation of the right and the procedure in law from the viewpoint of the unity and difference between the material and legal procedural rules

Bauken A. A.

General characteristics of the local technical regulation

Zhichkina S. E.

Civil society: theoretical and legal model and its implementation in modern conditions of the state and society

Petrov A. V.

Organizational and legal grounds for operation of law enforcement authorities of anti-Bolshevist government of the Ural and Western Siberia

Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Kubrikova M. E.

Security provision of a suspect (the accused), signing pretrial immunity agreement

Mayorov V. I.

Procedure for consideration of reports oncrimes

Matsun E. A.

The role of an expert in examination

Novikova A. A.

Conflicts of the federal legislation at the attempt to implement rehabilitation right

Parkhomenko E. N.

Grounds for initiation of a criminal case – comparative analysis of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal Procedure Code of Kazakhstan

Sivolova A. A.

Justice as the requirement for the sentence to a person who pretrial immunity agreement is signed with

Problems and Questions on Civil Law

Berestyuk N. S.

Lorents D. V.

Property right: the experience of Germany and problems of the reform in Russia.

Lorents D. V.

The right for private usufruct: prospects in Russia and experience of foreign countries.

Tikhomirova A. V.

Specific problems of hotel services quality.

Trapeznikova A. V.

Novations of civil legislation (paragraph-for-paragraph commentary of alterations in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation due to the entry into legal force of the Federal Law No. 302-ФЗ of December 30, 2012).

Filippova E. M.

Principles in social security law.

Problems and Questions on Constitutional and Administrative Law


Garanzha A. P.

The problem of execution of the judgments of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Gorodokin V. A.

Road traffic users and their classification in the traffic rules of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ukraine

Datsko N. P.

Disqualification of administrative officials: the comparison between the Russian and English legislation

Kuzmin A. G.

The notion of the terms “legal view of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation”

Kysakova G. B.

Several issues of expert examination of the projects of regulatory legal acts in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Minbaleev A. V.

The characteristic of legal regulation method on the basis of information law method

Short reports

Galygina E. S.

Functional method of interpretation of the provisions of law as well as the problems of judgment in criminal procedure

Gromova E. A.

Legal competence of the resident of a specific technical implementation economic zone.

Kaftannikova V. M.

Principles for personal data protection in Russia and abroad

Klepikov D. A.

The essence of interim judicial decision on examination of evidence at the stage of criminal trial

Kuldybaeva I. U.

To the essence of public services

Leukhina E. E.

To the notion and essential features of administrative supervision as the form of state and management activity

Sarapulov A. A.

Information technologies in criminal procedure: history, current state, prospects

Sokolova M. V.

Prospects for development of the institution of building lease in modern civil law