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Civil society: theoretical and legal model and its implementation in modern conditions of the state and society


Zhichkina Svetlana Evgenevna

was born on August 31, 1987. In 2009 she graduated from South Ural State University. In 2011 she defended a candidate’s thesis in an Individual, Society, State and Law in Legal Political Views of Lorenz von Stein. Now she is an associate professor of Theory and History of State and Law Department of South Ural State University. She is the author of 38 publications. Research interests: theoretical and legal aspect of the procedure for civil society and legal state establishment in modern period of the Russian Federation. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law


The implementation of a theoretical and legal model of the civil society at modern stage is considered. It is shown that modern civil society is a dialogue between the society, an individual and the state.


civil society, state, individual, human and civil rights and liberties.

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