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Organizational and legal grounds for operation of law enforcement authorities of anti-Bolshevist government of the Ural and Western Siberia


Petrov Alexander Vasilievich

was born on January 29, 1952. In 1984 he graduated from Sverdlovsk Law Institute. In 2007 he defended a candidate’s thesis in Police of the Ural and Western Siberia in the beginning of 20th century. Now he is the Head of Theory and History of State and Law Department of South Ural State University. He is the author of 85 publications. Research interests: history and legal regulation of law enforcement. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law


The article considers the problems of operation and fields of concern of anti-Bolshevist governments on the territory of the Ural and Western Siberia in the period after the February Revolution of 1917. The problems of legal support and legal regulatory acts are analyzed.


the history of law enforcement authorities, law enforcement, public order.

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