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Procedure for consideration of reports oncrimes


Mayorov Vladimir Ivanovich,

Doctor of Science (Law), professor, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of South Ural State University. He is the author of 100 publications. Research interests: law of criminal procedure, administrative and legal regulation in social and engineering systems. E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


Recently a law-maker has repeatedly altered the stage of initiation of a criminal case. Due to the Federal law No. 23-ФЗ of March 4, 2013 the procedure for consideration of reports on crimes has changed considerably. A number of procedural actions, that an investigator, examining officer, agency of the inquiry and the head of investigation agency have a right to undertake during verification of the reports on crimes, has been enlarged, information obtained at examination has been given the status of evidence provided they meet the requirements of competence. The article reveals the problems which can be found at implementation of the changes.


crime, stage of initiation of a criminal case, procedural actions.

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