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Expert Opinion and Evidence are Two Forms of a Proof


Evgenia Aleksandrovna Matsun chief investigation officer, Investigation department for Troitsk, Criminal Investigation Office of Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation for Chelyabinsk region (Troitsk). E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


The article analyzes the problems of the use of expert opinion and evidence within the process of proof in a criminal case; the analysis of their forms and content is performed. The author gives and proves his view of expert opinion and evidence as two forms of a proof. Expert judgments in the form of his opinions and evidence are data on legally relevant facts, which can be given by the specialist due to his special knowledge and can be independent proof. Expert opinion and evidence are two forms (sources of one proof that is information in special questions to the specialist by the parties based on his judgments.


expert opinion, expert evidence, expert judgments, proof, proof sources.

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