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State as a basic subject of national security protection: implementation mechanism


Kukovsky Anton Aleksandrovich

 was born on August 17, 1983. In 2005 he graduated from South Ural State University. In 2011 he defended a Candidate’s thesis “National security in the Russian Federation: theoretical and legal aspect”. Now he is an assistant of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of South Ural State University. He is the author of 20 publications. Research interests: theory of state and law, national security, security, state evolution, synergetic approach to study of law and state evolution, non linear dynamics as research method. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law


Approaches to the definition of the notion of state mechanism in terms of realization of functions of national security protection with the help of special authorities of the state are studied; methods for alert the population about security hazard which delegate part of functions on the provision of security from the state to population to create a simpler mechanism of national security implementation are given.


state, national security, state mechanism.

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