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The Content of Functions for Judicial Power  


Natalia Viktorovna Tkachyova Candidate of Science (Law), Associate Professor, Vice-director for Scientific Research, head of Criminal Procedure Law, Russian Academy of Justice, Ural branch (Chelyabinsk). E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


The notion of function in law is analyzed. The conclusion is made on the fact that this term is used to characterize a social role of state and law. This term has a lot of meanings and is used to characterize any dynamic structure. The function is connected with an intent selective effect of the system (structure, the whole) on specific components of external environment. The notion of the terms state function, function of law, judicial power function are determined from the viewpoints of the scholars. Analysis of the terms «State function» and «function of law» helps to make the conclusion that basic function of a state is the environment to develop a state with the use of law as a tool for regulation of public relations. The conclusion on the fact, that judicial power function is based on the function of law and is derived from state function, is made.


function of law, state function, judicial power function, regulation of public relations, subject of function.information, theory

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