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The Notion of Information and Its Historical Development  


Vitalia Anatolievna Pakhomova – postgraduate student of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics Department, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


Originally information is connected with communication between people and it is of a social character but it is not the only way of its existence and application. Information is also peculiar to other human beings; moreover, it is peculiar to different devices. Information is a basic source of modern society. It is an object of relations, an objective, means and a term to achieve the results; it is a product of a specific price in a material and theoretical meanings. Information is one of the key categories of modern processes as well as the process of cognition. However it is ambiguous and doesn’t have any boarders and limits of its understanding in science. This problem is still to be solved.


information, theory of sets and combinatorics, reflection category.

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