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Legal Nature of Procedural Periods in Criminal Proceedings 


Kamil Yunusovitch Khatmullin – attorney, aspirant of the Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics department of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk).


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


The article considers various views on legal nature of procedural periods in criminal proceedings. It is thoroughly studied the view on procedural periods as one of a temporary means in legal regulation of criminal proceedings; distinction between procedural periods and length in criminal proceedings is shown. The notion of procedural periods as a guarantee of justice and human rights, as an element of a criminal procedure form and as a mechanism of procedural regulation is analyzed. Compliance with procedural periods is considered to be a criterion of criminal proceedings efficiency.


guarantees of human rights, guarantees of justice, procedural periods and length, mechanism of procedural regulation, procedural form, criminal proceedings efficiency.

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