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Peculiar Features of Human Resource Policy in the Soviet Court System of New Economic Policy


Galina Timofeevna Kamalova – Doctor of Science (History), Professor of Theory and History of State and Law Department, South Ural State University. E-mail:


Problems and Questions on Theory and History of Law


The article analyzes the experience in the solution of human resources problem for the Soviet court system within New Economic Policy by the governing Communist party. The author emphasizes the fact that a court system is a part of a state mechanism which is the reason for a basic requirement to the judiciary which is to follow political course of the Communist party. Special attention is paid to implementation of class party policy of the Soviet judiciary recruitment. Based on the analysis of methods of human resources recruitment the author comes to the conclusion of a practical binding of a judicial and executive power as well as judicial and part power binding.


New Economic Policy, the Ural region, court, human resources, class policy, party leaders.

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