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Some Problems of Criminal Liability for Illegal Performance of Abortion


Marina Anatolievna Gorbatova – Candidate of Science (Law), Associate Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Penal Law Department, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). E-mail:


Problems and Questions of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics


The article deals with classification of illegal performance of abortion. Some problems in criminal prosecution for this crime are connected with inconsistence of statutes of criminal legislation as well as legislation in the sphere of healthcare. The article highlights the analysis of requirements applicable to operations on the basis of which features of illegal induced termination of pregnancy are revealed. Analyzing features of crime components of illegal performance of abortion and precedents in these cases the author comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to amend disposition of the article 123 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which deals with medicine terminology and expansion of a number of the subjects of the case, to achieve proper safety of women’ reproductive health.


illegal performance of abortion, criminal termination of pregnancy.

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