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Peculiar Features of Participation of a Victim Representative in Criminal Procedure


Elena Sergeevna Drozdovskaya – Master of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics Department, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). E-mail:


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The article deals with the problems of defence of rights and legal interests by the victim through his representative. Human rights and interests are supreme values which oblige the state to observe and protect human rights and freedoms. This provision of the Constitution of the Russian Federation is of a special importance in the sphere of criminal proceedings, the interested participants of which are the accused and victims whose rights and interests are guaranteed by the law. The author analyzes and reveals the notion of a lawyer. The author’s idea of the victim’s representative in criminal proceedings is given in the article. The author comes to the conclusion that a lawyer is one of the principle participants of criminal proceedings who is to provide legal assistance to a victim.


lawyer as a representative, victim, protection of human rights and interests.

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